The announcement of this years CCC-project "Seidenstrasse" inspired us to build our own C5 Capsule.
This article will be recently updated with facts and pics about the state, the progress and maybe results.

The idea

Corresponding to the C5 guidelines for CCC certified capsules, the capsule needs some illumination... We decided to add some arduino compatible led-stripes to our capsule... and an arduino pro micro. Wouldn´t it be nice, if we would have wifi inside? RFID or NFC? Why not use the capsule as a cylinder shaped display? ... and wouldn´t an IMU be fun to have inside

The plan

  • Visualization of gravity, acceleration, deceleration by pseudocolor and intensity in the tube.
  • NFC-based displaying of destination and messages
  • bulb exposures of the tube

Same days order:

  • Raspberry pi
  • Arduino pro micro
  • IMU - CHR-UM6-LT Orientation Sensor
  • Led-Stripes - WS2812B RGB Stripe with 120 LEDs
  • USB-Wifi Dongle
  • NFC/RFID controller breakout board PN532

The assembly:

  • LED stripes on transparent film

  • bottled: led-stripes + some cable